Softball injuries story for ESPN the Magazine

The May 16 edition of ESPN the Magazine came out on May 7 and included three of my contributions. I interviewed Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones about Major League Baseball warning tracks and spoke with professional cycling photographer Casey B. Gibson about his close calls while shooting bike races from the back of a motorcycle.

Photo of softball player.

Dan Friedell reported this story for the May 16 issue of ESPN the Magazine.

But, the main contribution was my story about softball injuries on Page 82. I spoke with Major-level player Andy Purcell of Team Resmondo about his experiences playing the game for 20 years, and the injuries he’s seen.

Purcell spoke with me twice for this story, each time for about 30 minutes. He didn’t mind going over some of the same details more than once in order to produce an accurate story.

If you follow the embedded widget, you can access this story in preview mode.

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