Content migration, copy-refining for 4-H

Just a couple of examples of some of the work I did while executing a contract for MediaBarn at the 4-H club marketing office over a few weeks in the summer of 2010. The challenge was to migrate the content 4-H had on a legacy site over to a new content management system called Ektron.

4-H council leadership page required lots of thumbnails and adding site copy from the legacy site.

The majority of the work revolved around cropping and sizing photos with photoshop, uploading those assets into Ektron’s media asset library, pasting in page text content, uploading .pdf documents and refining some of the copy that had been written by an outside agency.

Environmental science and alternative energy page required re-writing of site copy.

Much of the work I did can be seen on the 4-H science, citizenship and healthy living sections, where I re-wrote almost all of the copy to be more direct, concise and as free of unclear “buzzwords” as possible.

Engineering and technology page

One thing I’ve learned as a journalist is to strive to make copy readable for the average person, and I think I did that well here.

Much of the rest of the work on this project required downloading documents from the old server and uploading them into the document library within Ektron. The office didn’t really have a CMS prior to this job, it used Dreamweaver’s file management system and a live web server to run the website.

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