Spring 2013 contributions

In addition to my work for ESPN (investigating Denzel Washington’s basketball skills, checking out the man behind the suits so many athletes wear, and the MLB season preview issue), I’ve been regularly writing sports features for the Fairfax (Va.) Times, contributed an item on NASCAR’s new car for Fast Company, and completed three stories for the upcoming “Green Living” magazine from USA TODAY, due out in mid-April.

Check out the cover:

USA TODAY's upcoming magazine.

USA TODAY’s upcoming magazine.

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ESPN the Magazine’s 2013 MLB Preview issue

Screenshot from April 1, 2013 issue of ESPN the Magazine.

Screenshot from April 1, 2013 issue of ESPN the Magazine.

During February 2013 I spent over a week in Florida interviewing over 60 baseball players at Spring Training for the MLB Confidential in the season preview issue.

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Appearing on ESPN.com’s home page

I know this shouldn’t be a “big” deal, but it’s still pretty cool to see your full name appear on ESPN.com’s home page for a day or so. Check out the story about The Rock.

Appearing on the ESPN.com home page from 12-11 to 12-12-12.

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Kasey Kahne Body Shot for ESPN the Magazine

The recent “Washington, D.C.” issue by ESPN the Magazine, featured my story on Kasey Kahne’s core muscles being important to his success as a NASCAR driver.

Kahne’s not a big guy, so he can’t depend on gravity keeping him in his seat on the bumpy tracks. He gets bounced around a lot, so being strong helps him do his job.

Kasey Kahne in the Oct. 15, 2012 issue of ESPN the Magazine.

Take a look at the full-sized version of the story after the jump.  Continue reading

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Baseball Confidential poll for Men’s Journal

Earlier this year I had the chance to interview 50 players from 13 of the Major League teams in the Grapefruit League (Spring Training). It was published in the July issue of Men’s Journal. The product, with Stacey Pressman – an amazing collaborator, is after the jump. Continue reading

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Field producer, editor, writer for SNTV (Associated Press TV partner)

A look at just one example of the work I’ve been doing this year for SNTV, the sports television arm of the Associated Press.
Covering the Liverpool vs. Tottenham Hotspur game in late July in Baltimore in the same day as the Zlatan Ibrahimovic debut with Paris-Saint Germain was an interesting marathon of soccer.
Also this year in Washington, D.C. sports, I’ve covered Jeremy Lin, Chien-Ming Wang and and Lamont Peterson.
Special thanks to a great photographer – Tom Sampson. Definitely give him a call if you’re in need of a shooter in the D.C. area.

Continue reading

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Fast Company work

Recently I’ve been doing work for Fast Company. While some of the it hasn’t made it into the magazine (the bane of every freelance writer), I’ve worked on interesting stories. Here are a few contributions I made to the recent “100 Most Creative People in Business” issue:

One of Dan Friedell’s contributions to Fast Company magazine in 2012.

Jeff Charney, Progressive Insurance

Diebedo Francis Kere, International Architect

Abanti Sankaranarayanan, Diageo

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London Olympics stories for Washington Times

I’m working on a series of Olympic features about athletes from the Washington, D.C.-area.     So far, I’ve written about McLean, Va. rowers Sam Stitt and Giuseppe Lanzone; Centreville, Va. field hockey player Claire Laubach and Germantown, Md. ping-pong player Han Xiao.

Each athlete has a really interesting story to tell about his or her career and what got them to the point where they might be able to compete in the Olympics. The clear story, however, is persistence. The rowers seemed to have every advantage, beginning from the time the met a coach with lofty goals in high school.

Claire Laubach story from the December, 2011 Washington Times.

Laubach, who was a great athlete in multiple sports, was just following the prescribed path and having tremendous success until she was cut from the USA Senior National team just before the Beijing Games. Learning an important skill turned her career around, and now she’s one of the key members of the team that’s already qualified for the Games more than six months early.

Han Xiao story from the January, 2012 Washington Times.

And Xiao, the son of a Chinese immigrant who learned ping-pong in his basement, tore after the game with a remarkable tenacity. However, he may be a stronger player today at 25 than he was when he was racking up national titles as a prodigy a decade ago.

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